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More than 20 years of experience with many references!


K-WORX Racing engines win in various modern and historic competitions (FR 2.0, F3 Classic, FFord ...), rallying,  and off-road racing.

K-WORX realizes your entire motor projects. From the preliminary study to the final development on a test bench, K-WORX builds your engine "turnkey" as you had imagined!

K-WORX also offers its services for:

  • Manufacture of customized parts such as exhausts, collectors ect ...


  • Engine tuning on the latest generation test bench with DTA boxes, Magnetti-Marelli, Sodemo, Sybèle.


  • Specific instrumentation for optimizing performance on the engine bench.


  • Personalized study and supply of specific and tailor-made parts for any competition engine (Rally, Rallycross, Autocross, Circuit, Coast Racing, Historical Competitions).