Less friction for more power while maintaining excellent engine protection.


The latest Millers Oils range of motor sports oil has been designed to offer pilots, engine builders and team managers an edge over the competition:


Less friction = More power

Increased engine life

Fewer engine overhauls

Cost reduction



How Nanodrive Technology Works?


In an engine, between 15% and 20% of the energy potential of gasoline is lost in the form of internal friction. The friction is due to the roughness of the surfaces in contact and moving in the engine. Reduce friction in the engine, reduce its wear and directly increase its performance and therefore its power.


Nanodrive is based on nano-technology: nanoparticles that act like millions of rolling balls and other ingredients to smooth rough surfaces of engine parts.

Compared to competing oils of the same viscosity, we recorded 33% less friction at an operating temperature of 110 ° C. The results speak for themselves:


  • 5% power gain on a Porsche 911 racing engine (bench test).

  • 1.5% power gain on a Skoda 1.6 rally engine (bench test).

  • 3.8% power gain on a Toyota MR2 Roadster engine.

  • 3.8% power gain on a Toyota GT86 engine.


That's not all, low friction is only part of the benefits of Nanodrive technology. These new oils help maintain a film of lubricant, essential to protect the engine components and thus increase their service life.



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